Mid-Century Modern Redesign

Mid-century modern (MCM) is my favorite style of décor. That era is known for the clean lines of the furniture, the colors, the atomic bursts. I love the

I am slowly replacing all my furniture and decor with mid-century modern MCM or MCM inspired pieces. The very first thing I purchased was a dresser and mirror to use as my TV stand. I love the look of the dresser and it works great as my TV stand. Well, it worked better before I bought my new 43” TV. Now there isn’t much space left over on the sides to hold he DVR and internet router. I’m already working on the plans for my new entertainment center, which I’m going to build myself.


And I hung the mirror on the wall. It looks pretty good too. My wall doesn’t look quite so bare now. See the updates in Personalizing My Picture Frames.


The next thing I bought was a multi-colored ball clock. This isn’t the clock I want for the long haul but it is cute and runs well. I really want one of the wooden atomic clocks but this one will work for the time being. I bought it off Amazon and put it together myself. I think it’s cute.


I have also purchase a number of little knickknacks off ebay to place around the apartment. One of the first purchases was a pretty little orange ashtray. When my daughter saw it, her comment was “Why do you have an ashtray?” My answer? Buying an MCM ashtray is cheaper than purchasing an MCM bowl and I just needed something small to put change and my keys in. I also have my Aladdin teapot from the Hall China Company, my Drip-o-lator coffee pot also from the Hall China Company, and a cool looking vase. I really love stuff from the Hall China Company and have a lot more in storage back in Columbus. I got the vase because I have a matching tea…in storage in Columbus. I really need to get my stuff out here to Tucson. I’ve also made a number of purchases as I went Thrifting .


A major purchase I’m really enjoying is my new couch and chair. I finally had to break down and replace the old stuff I’d been using for the last few years. I wanted grown-up furniture. I measured the long wall in the apartment so I would know exactly how long a couch would fit comfortably, while leaving room by the front door. Over to Sam Levitz I went with my daughter. Bronwyn doesn’t like MCM at all but I knew she would keep me from spending too much. I found this really nice set on sale that would fit in my apartment without making the room look super small and cramped. I wish it had come in a color other than grey but I can live with the color because I really like the MCM shape, while being new construction. It came with two of the grey and white pillows. I’ve since purchased additional MCM inspired pillows.


I also found a really cool MCM coat rack that is a knock-off of the Eames Hang-It-All. You can read about why I decided on the coat rack I purchased and how I ended up hanging it in MCM Coat Rack.




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