We’re Valerie and Peggy. Sisters. Different (very, very different). Creative. And, thousands of miles apart.

We have been fortunate to have grown up in a creative, inventive, explorative environment. Lots of travel, lots of play, and lots of make do with what’s at hand. And, best of all, lots of fun!

Our Grandma Baer said that Creativity was part talent but mostly practice. Almost everyone I have told that to has misinterpreted her meaning. She didn’t mean just keep practicing something until its perfect. She meant you should practice being creative. That’s a hard concept, I think, for most people to grasp.

She meant, Let Your Mind Go!

Peggy and I were taught how to be creative and we thought we should share it (or at least give people a chance to laugh at us). So, we’re inviting you to listen in on our conversations about crafts, home improvements, recipes, gardening, art, whatever pops into our heads. Sometimes just our musings.  It might be silly, crazy, or completely off the wall. But, we hope it will occasionally be inspirational to someone.