Valerie and I plan this blog post to be the ongoing documentation of our great finds when we go to thrift stores, garage sales, junk shops, or wherever we can find good deals.

July 29 (Peggy):

My neighbor and I decided to go thrifting. She was looking for something to throw on the couch to keep protect from her very young granddaughter. I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular but thought we might end up at the Dollar Tree, where I did need a few things.

I am sooooo glad I went with her. We hit two different thrift stores. At the first one, everything in the store was 20% off and I had a 10% off coupon too. I found a pair of Ray Rachel EVOO and vinegar cruets. They don’t have the stainless steel pour spouts. At $2.00 piece (before discounts), I figured I could get those on Amazon. I also found a pretty cool wine thingy. Not sure what you call it but you put the wine bottle in it so you can pour in a cool looking thingy. It was $2.00 too. All together, with discounts, l three items only cost $4.20.

Update: To make my Rachel Ray cruets useful, I went on Amazon. I found a set of six pour spouts for only $6.99. I gave them a really good washing and then waited for the pour spouts to arrive. It only took two days and they were here. I put my olive, grape, canola oil blend in the larger cruet and olive oil in the smaller one. I just LOVE them, especially since they ended up costing me on $5.13!


We then went to the Goodwill. The daily color was orange, which means anything with an orange price tag was 50% off.

The clothes are at the front of the store. I always look to see if I can find shorts or Capris my size. I found two pairs of Capri pants and a pair of shorts. One pair of the pants and the shorts had an orange tag. Woo Hoo!!


We headed back to housewares…and I hit the mother lode. First, I found a Paderno 4-blade spiralizer that looks to be almost new. It has everything in it and two of the blades still have the plastic protective tape on them. It was only $2.99. I looked on their website and found out it goes for $49.99. I got a really great deal. It doesn’t have the manual/recipe booklet but, if I can’t find it, it won’t be that big a deal.


The finally thing I was a really nice Brita pitcher. It also was only $2.99. I’ve been trying to get my neighbor to buy a Brita instead of all the bottled water she buys. She is disabled and has limited SNAP funds. While bottled water is covered by SNAP, my thought is why should she waste that money on bottled water when she just needs a pitcher with a filter. I didn’t let her know it was for her because she wouldn’t have let me buy it. I already have a Brita but it is just the plain one with green reservoir instead of white. This blue pitcher just needs a really good washing and, with the filters I gave her, she’ll be able to try it for a couple of months.


July 22 (Peggy):i

Mom was here for a visit and the one thing she really loves to do is go antiquing. Our favorite antique store closed recently, so we had to find some new ones. We found a few very close o the house. So Mom, Bronwyn, and I were off for our adventure.

The first place we found was the Antique Village Mall. It was one of those antique stores with multiple stalls. The great thing? They were having a 20% everything at every stall but one. I found a couple of things I really liked but I had to narrow it done to just one. I ended up finding this really cool Royal Haeger. Royal Haeger is a well-known for their MCM pottery, and this one is the perfect color for my living room. Mom and Bronwyn didn’t find anything that they couldn’t live without even though there was much more stuff there that was their style then mine.


Then we went to a store called Deja Vu Too. It was a much smaller store but she had a lot more MCM stuff for me. Bronwyn found a couple of antique herb cutters (or whatever you call them). Again I found a number of items that I would have loved to buy but I narrowed it down to just one. ;-(


Our final stopped was at the Antique Resale Market Place. It is partial an antique store and partial resale/commission sales store. The vast majority of the merchandise was southwestern (which is any of our styles). I did find a bedroom suite that I would die to have. It was the whole thing: dresser, chest, night stand, headboard, and 2 mirrors. It was GORGEOUS! I told mom she needed to win the lottery so she could buy it for me. They had each piece priced separately, so we added it up. Overall, it would cost about $2500, which really isn’t bad for an entire bedroom suite…but alas, still out of my price range.

However I dd find a few things I decided to buy, stainless steel serving pieces that match the ones I purchased previously (see below). The divided and rectangle platters were fairly inexpensive. The bowl was only $4 and on sale for 50% off. I do love a good deal!



May 21 (Peggy):

Another long stretch between thrifting sessions.

Yesterday, my neighbor and I decided to make a trip to Goodwill. She had a few things she was looking for specifically, and me, I just go looking for deals. And I was lucky enough to find a few things. Update: I use the bottle in my bathroom to hold my mouthwash. It’s perfect and makes the counter look less cluttered.


I also found a nice Vera Wang top. I checked it over really well to check for stains, rips, and the like. It looked in really good shape, so I snapped it up.


The best part was that, as we were looking around, they came over the speaker and said that all donated items were 50% off. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! So, I got out of there for less than $8.00.

March 17 (Peggy):

It’s been a while since I’ve been thrifting. I don’t know why its been so long but…

This weekend I had a reason to go. I’m going to be dying some yarn and I needed a pan that I don’t use for cooking food. I don’t have any extra pots that I don’t use for cooking, so I knew I needed to hit the thrift stores to find an inexpensive pot. I went to one Goodwill and found 2 but they were both $13. There was no way I was spending $13 for one pot from Goodwill. So, off to the next thrift store.

And there I found what I was looking for…and more.

The first thing I found was a nice MCM looking lamp. I’ve been looking for a lamp for my bedroom and this one is really nice. The shade, while very cute, just doesn’t go with my current or planned color scheme but it will work until I can decide what I want for the long haul.


Next, I went to the look for a pot. I found this really nice one for only $7. I snapped it right up. This will be perfect for dying yarn.


The last thing I found was this cute little round vase. I love the shape and lines on it. Not sure about the color though. It’s sort of a dark peach. I wish it was more orange. It may be something that won’t stay. We’ll have to see.


Feb. 4 (Peggy):

I went to Goodwill again today. There wasn’t a whole lot but I got a couple of really nice wine glasses. One has opaque dots and the other as a frosted stem. This gives me a total of 6 wine glasses, every single one different than the others. The more I look at the one with the frosted stem, the more I think I may re-donate it but for now, it is in the cabinet.


I also found this really nice amber colored bowl. I’m not sure I’m in love with it, or what I’ll do with it but for only $4 (and it was half off that), it was a good buy. If it ends up not really fitting in with my future plans, I’ll just donate it again so that someone else can use it.


The final item I found was a square, white plate I found really interesting. Since my dishes are white too, this will work well for serving plate or luncheon plate. Not sure, but I like it.


Jan. 21 (Peggy):

I love going to thrift and antique stores. I love looking for the hidden gem that is just exactly what I’m looking for…and sometimes what I’m not looking for. What I like is more likely to be in my price range when I’m at a thrift store then an antique store, especially since I am very much into mid-century modern.

Yesterday I went thrifting with my new neighbor. I was looking for, of course, items that would fit into my mid-century modern theme.

The first items I found weren’t on my list but they were items that I just had to have: a beautiful 13 ½ inch cast iron skillet and an almost new bread machine.

The skillet had very little rust on it and it didn’t take much to me to get it all off when I got home. A short soak in super how water, a good scrubbing with a copper pad, and some additional scrubbing with salt and a sponge and it was ready to be seasoned. A little oil and an hour in the over and it was ready! Update: The first thing I cooked in the pan was a rib-eye steak. The only other pans I have are non-stick, so the cast iron skillet let me get a really great sear on the outside before finishing it off in the oven. 


The bread machine was in really good shape, like I said it looked like it was almost brand new. It didn’t have the owner’s manual/recipe book, but I figured I could download it once I got home. The bread pan was a little dirty but a quick soak and scrub and it was good to go. I’m really looking forward to making my own bread. Update: A few days later, my neighbor found the exact same bread machine at a Goodwill store on the other side of town. Her’s came with the manual/recipe book. So, I didn’t have to download the book, I just copied hers. I picked out a couple of bread recipes I wanted to make and went to the grocery store to get the ingredients. I mean, I don’t even have flour in my pantry. The first load I made was Country French bread. It was delicious! 


The next item I found was an interesting wine glass. I have a collection of wine glasses with no two being the same. I mean, I really don’t have any pairs of matching wine glasses let alone an entire matching set. It certainly makes it easy to recognize your glass during a party. This one has an almost bronzy color on the outside. It was the only one and I snapped it up. There were three matching champagne glasses but I wasn’t interested in them. I just don’t drink a lot of champagne.

The other items I found were things that would be perfect in my new décor. I found two platters that look like they came directly from the 50’s and 60’s, an atomic looking fruit bowl (which I may end up changing the color and hanging on the wall), a very inexpensive vase that’s plastic but I love the shape, and a kitschy ceramic butterfly candy dish (which also may end up on the wall). Update: I ended up painting the vase copper and I really like it better now. 



Update: I found a few more pieces of this stainless steel serving dishes (see above).


Update: This is now hanging on my wall. Love it! You can see a picture in Personalizing My Picture Frames

I am so looking forward to my next trip!

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