MCM Coat Rack

One of the things I really wanted was an Eames Hang-It-All. I think the Hang-It-All is just a wonderful piece, plus it will provide a place to hang my hoodie and purse out of the way.

But have you seen the price of those things? It is SO not something I can afford. And I love just about everything he has ever designed. So, I started looking on Pinterest for ways to make my own Eames Hang-It-All. I found a few posts that gave me the basics of what I needed to do. All of them used some form of existing coat rack and painted wooden balls. I decided that, since I live in an apartment, I’d use one of the over-the-door coat racks.

I started pricing things out to see where I could get the materials the cheapest. I was down to a combination of Amazon, Michael’s, and the Dollar Store. I was just getting ready to purchase my Amazon supplies when I found a coat rack on Amazon that looks almost exactly like Eames’ and it was less than $30. The total for all the supplies I would need to make my DIY version was way over $30 (much closer to $60-75) and, after spending the time to put it together, it just wouldn’t look enough like an Eames Hang-It-All.

So, I bought the knock-off and I don’t feel bad about it. There are times when, even though I love making thinks myself, it is just better and easier to buy what you want. I placed my order and, thanks to my Prime membership, it arrived two days later. I was worried it would look cheap and be made of inferior parts (I was ready to send it back if need be) but it looks wonderful. What do you think?


It would still be nice if I was able to hang this over the door. Hmmm. I may have to think about that a little bit longer before I drill holes in the wall. I’ll let you know what I finally decide.


The first thing I tried was a hanger made for an ironing board. Unfortunately, it left the coat rack too high to be of much use. Next I purchased two 12-inch wreath hangers. These put the coat rack at the right height (for me) but left it hanging too far from the door due to the width of the hook at the bottom. After all, it was meant to hang a wreath. So, I slowly bent the hooks so they would only be wide enough for the crossbar of the coat rack. I was worried that I would have to heat up the metal but it was soft enough that I  just do with with pliers and my fingers.

I also decided to hang it on the folding doors in the hallway instead of on the outside of the door to my office (spare bedroom). That way, when the door was open during work hours, it wouldn’t be in my office. The folding doors hide the washer/dryer and, therefore, are only open when I have to do laundry.


So now I needed to think of a way to keep the hangers attached to the door. The first thing I tried were some Velcro dots I had. They would hold for a few minutes but then would pull away. It was driving me crazy! And I couldn’t use it, which was making me even crazier. (And people who know me well will tell you it is a very short trip.)

I kept looking for something that would hold the coat rack to the wall and carry the weight of my jackets and purse. I finally found these large Command Picture & Frame Hanging Strips on Amazon. These are really heavy duty so each one can support 16 pounds.

I put three strips on each of the hangers. That basically covered the entire length of the hanger.


I then determined where the hangers needed to be on the door to best support the coat rack, and marked the outside edges.


I carefully placed each hanger on the door using as much pressure as possible to get a good seal. I then hung the coat rack from the hangers.


And once I close the doors it looks really nice. I think this is the perfect solution for hanging my coat rack in my apartment.


Unfortunately, as soon as I hung something on it, the hangers pulled away from the door. I was so disappointed because I only put a scarf and a hat on the rack, nothing heavy. I think this happened because the part over the door was wider than the door. I was thinking that I could add something thick (like layers of cardboard) between the door and the hanger but there really isn’t any easy way for me to get behind the doors since my washer and dryer are in there. I could sit on the washer and close the door but then it would be pitch black.


So, I went back to Amazon to see if I could find anything I could use. I really just did not want to put holes in the walls of the apartment. And I found some 3M Command Jumbo Utility hooks. They are supposed to be able to hold up step ladders so they should be able to hold up a scarf and hat, shouldn’t they?

I purchased four of the hooks thinking I’d use two on the top crossbar and two on the bottom crossbar. They weren’t as inexpensive as the other 3M hooks I’ve purchased but if they work, they’ll be worth every penny. The pricing was really weird. I could by individual ones for less than $4 but a package of two was almost $10. To say the least, I bought four individuals ones.


I had to do a little of measuring to make sure I put them on the door at the same level since I didn’t have to worry about that when I used the wreath hangers. I measured where the bottom of the previous 3M hanger was, used my tape measure to make sure that both marks were at the same level…and you can see how well that worked out.

Collage 1.png

Well crap! So I took the one side off, being ever so thankful for the ease of removing Command hooks. I remeasured and rehung the one hook. I waited for almost two hours after that to give the adhesive time to really settle into place before I put the coat rack on.


You almost can’t see the hooks from the front due to the smaller layer of hooks on the coat rack. The hooks are a little more prominent from the side but still don’t look bad.

I then put the same hat and scarf on the coat rack to see if it would hold. I think this solution is going to work!!


Four hours later and everything is still looking great! Woo Hoo!!!!


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