Cart Update, Part 2

My honorary grandkids came over today since school was closed for a long weekend. (Don’t get me going on how they don’t fund the schools here so kids are out all the freaking time so they can reduce costs.) Any way, the boys and I had a good time. We talked about what they wanted for Christmas (which is a ways out still), watered the plants, and they played Minecraft for hours and hours because I was working.

After I had finished working for the day, Junior asked if we could paint the cart. We decided to go for it. While he continued to play Minecraft, I started prepping the cart for paint. First, I gathered everything I thought I would need: sandpaper blocks, Goo Gone, paper towels, cleaners, and a screwdriver. I started just cleaning the whole thing since it has been sitting around for a while. It was a little dusty and had some dog hair on it. I keep telling Cian that he needs to keep his hair to himself, he is causing Mommy a lot of work but he just doesn’t seem to understand that concept.


After cleaning, I went to work on a couple of places that had stickers or tape. The first place was just one of those stickers you get on your banana or pepper. I tried using the sandpaper on it but that didn’t work very well. Then I tried using the Goo Gone but that did absolutely nothing. So I finally decided to just use the good ole’ screwdriver and scrap it off. That worked really well on the paper portion of the sticker. And the Goo Gone worked really well on the glue. One sticky place down, one to go.

The second part was on the handle where they decided to use a bazillion yards of tape to keep the price tag on. I mean, they just wrapped and wrapped that tape around the handle. So first I had to figure out where the tape started and ended to see if I could start there to unwrap it. That didn’t work…they’d wrapped it back on itself. I finally found a little pucker on one end of the tape. I got out my trusty screwdriver and went to work. It took a little while but I finally got the tape and price tag off. Used a little more Goo Gone and, Woo Hoo, I was ready for the next step in getting the cart ready to redo.

That is also where I ran into a major stumbling block. With my screwdriver in hand, I started to unscrew the handles from the trays. HUH! Nope, that wasn’t happening. Those screws were NOT going to budge. They didn’t care that I was ready to work. They didn’t care that I wasn’t going to throw them away but put the whole thing back together again once I finished painting everything. They just plain didn’t care. Markus decided that he would try, because being a 7-year old, he believes he is strong enough to take on anything. Huh, again nope. Junior took a break from playing Minecraft to give it a try, because being 9 is so much better. We finally just stared at the thing, ready to kick it, when Markus says, “My dad can do it. He is really strong.” That worked for me! Well, when Alfonso got here to pick up the boys, he couldn’t get them undone either. What he did notice is that we needed a wrench or ratchet set to undo the nuts on the back side of the screws. That was what was holding them in so tight. Alfonso said he would come back this weekend with the right tools to help me.

Friday was a vacation day for me so my friend, Sawnya, came over with her son to hang out. Later in the day, her husband showed up and we were talking about the cart. He took a look at it. He agreed that the nuts on the inside needed to be loosened and said he had a ratchet set in his car. He set to work, and in no time at all, my cart was laying on the floor in pieces. Thank you, Nick!


Looks like I have more cleaning to do because the bottom of those shelves look to be in pretty bad shape!

I waited until the next day but I now have all the shelves and the handles sanded and cleaned up. I’m ready to go. Then I start thinking, “Where am I going to do this?” I mean, I live in an apartment. So, there is no basement to use. I could take it outside but I don’t think the management would appreciate it much it I got paint all over my patio, or their grass or rocks (they use a lot of rocks out here in southern Arizona), regardless that I think Satin Lagoon is really pretty. Maybe I could take it over to my daughter’s place. I know she has a drop cloth I could use in her garage. But that means I won’t be able to start until I can make those arrangements.

Then I see it – that huge box sitting in my living room. I just got a shipment from Amazon of pillow inserts and they came in a great big box. I guess this is one time that be slow to take something out to the dumpster (read as just being lazy about it) is going to pay off for me. I open up that box and use it on my patio. Cian is finding the whole thing fascinating.


The one thing I bought when I first decided to do this project were these things called Painter’s Pyramid. I was worried about the edges of the shelves looking good.


And these are doing exactly what I wanted them to do! They keep the shelves up off their edges so I don’t have to worry about the paint making the shelve stick to the box. And they have turned out to be very handy when I turn the shelves over. I don’t have to worry about putting the new paint down on the cardboard. It just sits on those little points.


Everything seemed to be moving right along. I started painting while participating in my favorite Saturday habit, watching college football. And that worked out great b because I needed to wait at least an hour before putting on a second coat. So, I’d put on the first coat during the pre-game yakking, then a halftime I would put on the second coat. And when the game was over, I could turn the shelf over and spray the bottom. I decided to only use one coat on the bottom, because it was the bottom. It didn’t need to be perfect like the top. I still made sure everything was covered nicely but one coat was enough.


Since I could only do one shelf at a time, it took most of the day to do two of them. Which is when I noticed another little problem. I really thought that one can of spray paint would be enough. As I was shaking it after doing the bottom of the second shelf, I noticed there didn’t seem to be too much paint left in the can. Definitely not enough for the last shelf. Well, just fudge!!!

In order not to waste time, I decided to do the handles. I stood the box up against the patio wall and balanced the handle inside there. This turned out to be the perfect solution. I could only do one handle at a time and just had time to do one handle before it got too late. It did take two coats on both sides of the handle to make it look really nice. And now the inside of the box reminds me of the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz.


For the night, I didn’t want to stack them up because they hadn’t had the time for the paint to really set. I was really afraid that leaning them up against each other would cause them to stick together. I ended up balancing the two shelves on the corners of the patio wall and left the handle in the box so they had a nice curing time.

I’m still waiting to get a new can of Satin Lagoon so I can finish painting the shelves. But in the meantime, I was thinking about how good it was going to look when I got it all back together again. And it hit me. What in the world did the screws look like? I mean, the shelves and handles both had rust and scrapes on them, chances are the screws were too. The screws and nuts were in a baggie on the counter so I took a look. Sure enough, they looked very sad… I needed to find a box or other piece of cardboard I could put the screws in so they would stay stand up. Don’t they look gorgeous now?


I got another can of the Satin Lagoon and finished painting the trays. Now the cart is ready to be put back together!

It took a while but I finally got my friend, Nick, to come back with his tools and put my cart back together. I just absolutely LOVE it. It is everything I envisioned it would be.

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