Cart Update

I really, really, really needed to update the look of my apartment. I had a bunch of older, mismatched stuff. It definitely did not look the apartment of a grown up.

As I started looking around, I realized that with apartment living you really shouldn’t have a lot of heavy furniture. From being in other people’s apartments who had big, bulky, poufy furniture, the place just looked smaller and more crowded. So, for the average size apartment (and depending on the layout), you need to limit what size, bulk, and amount of your furniture and accessories.

After looking at a lot of pictures online, I decided I love Mid-Century Modern. I love the colors. I love the lines of the furniture. And in an apartment, it provides a cleaner, more spacious look. So, I started looking for pieces and discovered it can be really expensive. I mean, really expensive! There was no way I was going to be able to afford to buy mid-century modern furniture.

I needed to change my way of thinking and find other ways to find the mid-century modern furniture I wanted, while not busting my paycheck. The answer? Thrift stores, craigslist, garage sales, and lots of elbow grease.

So, I started looking at craigslist almost every day. Very often I would find something I liked…usually when I didn’t have any money or it was still out of my price range. And if I had the money, I’d contact the person and it would already be gone.

I also started haunting thrift stores, especially Goodwill and the Salvation Army. I’m always reading these online stories about how amazing it is what people give away. To hear them talk about it, they are always finding some rare piece of art or whatever. Can I just say, I have not had that kind of luck. I have found a few things that will go well in a mid-century modern décor. Candlesticks. A plate. (Not much, huh?)

I did find one item that I’m really excited about. I found it at a thrift store run by a church. It was a really nice place, everything was organized and clean. That’s where I found the plate. I also found some wine glasses for $1 or less. The wine glasses aren’t necessarily mid-century modern but they are big and that is the most important thing when picking out wine glasses. But the thing I found that really excited me is a cart. It will look absolutely perfect on my patio.


It is pretty cool. And you wouldn’t believe what it cost?!? Yes, that’s right, just $7.50.


Now, admittedly it needs some work but isn’t that what Rust-Oleum is for? So, my next stop was Home Depot to look at spray point. Man, there are a lot of colors. I ended up going with Satin Lagoon for the shelves and Metallic Silver for the handles. I’m not sure that the Satin Lagoon is really a mid-century modern color but I like it and think it will look fantastic. I’m not sold on the Metallic Silver, which is really just chrome, but it was the only type of silver at the store. I’m going to go ahead and use it…and if I don’t like it, I’ll just buy another shade of silver, hopefully there will be something else in stock by then or at a different store.

So, it looks like I’m all ready to get going on my little project.

Check out Card Redo, Part 2 to see how that goes.

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