Knit Along Shawl, Part 2

I’ve finished the first two sections of the shawl (Knit Along Shawl, Part 1), and it is time to move on to section 3. I took a very short break after finishing the first two sections, just one day. I started section 3 of the next evening.

This section was a combination of stockinette and the lace stitches. I thought this section would go much quicker since I was in the groove for the pattern. However, it was not. Since there are four stitches added every front side row, it is getting rather wide. But still it went together in not too long a time.


After taking a few pictures, I started on the last piece, section 4. This section is mostly just the lacy stitch.

I got a few rows in and I noticed I was a stitch off one side. So, I fixed that. A row or two later I noticed I was a stitch off on the other side. So I fixed that one. Then I was another stitch off. It was driving me absolutely mad! I got so mad, I just ripped out the entire thing! I just rolled the yarn up in a big ball so it would be ready when I decided to start it up again. I couldn’t start again right away because I was just too ticked off to be careful enough.

I still wanted to finish the shawl on time, so I started again the next day. The first night I was able to reknit sections 1 and 2. I did section 3 the next night, which left section 4 for the third night. I have to say, I just love, love, LOVE this shawl. I love the pattern. I love the yarn, which is very soft and easy to knit with.

I finished the 4th and final section. It was difficult to tell exactly how wide the shawl was at the top due to it being on needles. I didn’t want to take it off the needles because I knew I wanted it to be nice a fairly large. It just didn’t seem big enough.

The picture below shows the shawl completed as far as the pattern was written. After some thought, I decided to knit part of section 3 and all of section 4 again (as shown).


This was getting really, really wide but I think it was the perfect decision. When I finally finished it, I think it is just exquisite. Even my daughter likes it, and I think she has only ever liked one thing I’ve knit her and that is a huge round afghan. 

This picture shows the shawl stretched out on my queen size bed. It went all the way from the top of the mattress to the bottom. 🙂


And here is my daughter modeling it for me so I can get a picture.


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